Group Classes/Hybrid Memberships

Group Classes/Hybrid Memberships

Once you graduate to class, you will start attending group classes two to three times a week. The social environment will give you a different sort of push, and will help you reach new heights of fitness. At the same time, you will continue to work with your coach on your specific limitations in a one-on-on environment once a week or once a month. This will help both you and your coach continue to monitor your progress and will help keep you safe and injury-free.

Why Hybrid Membership Options?   

The movements we teach are physically demanding and technically challenging and are best taught in a one-on-one environment.  That being said, group classes make memberships more affordable for you, and they’re social and fun and community-driven; friendships are inevitably formed when you suffer and sweat together.    

So here we are today with a blend of group classes and personal training!
For a while, after the initial one-on-one personal training, we threw our students into full-time group classes.
But in time, more and more people started to contact their coaches to go back to personal training, to do refresher sessions with them to work on a specific movement that they were struggling with.    
Instinctively, our coaches started booking refresher sessions with clients to re-connect with them on a personal level, to assess where they’re students were at physically, and to work on some sticky movement areas.    

Ultimately, we believe the strength of our system is that every single student has a coach for life.
And no matter the level of where you are, one-on-one training is valuable. 
These sessions challenge the mover with perpetually tight shoulders or hips who always needs
extra one-on-one coaching with mobility and activation drills.
The client who has been here for five years benefits from periodic one-on-one sessions,
where their coach can give them a new challenge, put them on a specific strength program,
or come up with a specific plan of attack to avoid plateauing.
And the elite athlete most definitely needs one-on-one attention from a coach in order to
iron out the finer technical points of certain movements and weaknesses.    

So today, we blend our memberships to include both group classes and personal training.
It’s up to you to choose how much personal training is best for you.    

Bronze Membership: Quarterly personal training membership option: This is perfect for the client who has been in classes for a while and is thriving. Once a quarter (every three months), they will meet with their coach to discuss their goals, their progress, and work on any snags they might be running into with any particular movements. These meetings will also give the coach a chance to assess their client and suggest specific drills, skills, or movements for this student to work on in their own time in order to iron out any glaring weaknesses.    

Silver and Gold Membership: Bi-monthly (Silver) and monthly (Gold) personal training option: This is perfect for the client who is new to classes and moves pretty well, but is still figuring out how to make some of the technical movements second nature. Maybe they want to improve a specific skill like pulling strength. Their coach will give them some extra homework to do before or after class to improve their pull-up, and they’ll meet up bi-monthly (silver) or once a month (gold) to reassess where they are and come up with a new focus if need be. Also, when a client is new to our program, Olympic Weightlifting is another focus that requires extra coaching, so these sessions will likely include Olympic Weightlifting technique, as well.    

Platinum Membership: Once a week personal training option: This is perfect for the client who has extreme mobility, stability, strength, or body awareness challenges. If it’s a strength program they need, the coach can work with them in a one-on-one environment on their strength. If it’s mobility they need, the two can work together for an hour once a week to improve this weakness.    

Personal Training ONLY option: This is perfect for the 75-year-old client who needs to modify most everything, or for the client who has arthritis and needs to be watched more carefully than most. On the flip side of things, this is also perfect for the elite athlete who needs a sport-specific program to help them reach their goals in their sport, be it CrossFit or otherwise. This person is likely not, or rarely doing, group classes, so this membership is ultimately a personal training-only membership.