Pregnancy Changes In The Body

Pregnancy Changes In The Body

Pregnancy Changes In The Body

Pregnancy Modifications

Before, during and after pregnancy and the birth of your child, you will hear many “recommendations” from friends, family and medical staff… Much of which should be taken with a grain of salt…

We get loads of questions about training and exercise through pregnancy and even more about getting “back in shape” after you have a baby… We have coaches who trained through pregnancies, dozens of members who trained with us while pregnant and even more who have come to us postpartum.

We use all of our experience and training, as well as research and good old common sense to help moms and moms-to-be, intelligently manage their fitness through their pregnancy and after… Let’s start with the end in mind!

As a rule of thumb, if you were working out before your pregnancy, as long as it is an uncomplicated “healthy” pregnancy, you can safely continue to do so.

Pregnancy changes in body to be aware of:

Increased hormone relaxin after second trimester = increased vulnerablility to injury
(ie. Able to go lower in a squat than they previously were able to).

Increased blood volume and heart rate, making them more prone to being lightheaded.

After four months or so, lying supine (on your back) for too long will put pressure on the vena cava and therefore reduce bloodflow to the baby and may make the mom very dizzy – this does not happen to all pregnant women, but happens to a large number of them.

Women must monitor their own rate of perceived exertion – they should be able to answer with a sentence rather than one word while working out in order to prevent decreased oxygen to their baby.

Women must ensure they are staying hydrated (especially in the summer during their workouts).

The biggest thing to remember is to listen to your body during workouts – if it feels uncomfortable or “wrong” at any time, stop or modify.

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