Life-Long Commitment
Life-Long Commitment

Life-Long Commitment

After joining CrossFit Blacksburg in February after a
5 year break form pretty much any form of regular exercise
I learned quickly that two days enough was not going to cut it for me. 

It started as an addiction and into the first week I
upped the game to three times a week. 

It didn't take long for me to realize that I was truly addicted and
that I had made Crossfit a part of my routine, a part of my lifestyle.   

I am at a point that if I feel like I am going to miss a day I
stress out becasue it is now very much a part of my life and
a part that I hope to continue building on.

I love CrossFit Blacksburg and definitely have the
desire to make this a life-long commitment, in not only training but
broadening my knowledge of what I am doing and why.  

My journey is not only to grow physically healthier but also
mentally and in doing so hopefully, be able to better help those around me!

Thanks for everything you all do!!!