Jodi Shares Her Experience With Her Second Pregnancy
Jodi Shares Her Experience With Her Second Pregnancy

Jodi Shares Her Experience With Her Second Pregnancy

Good morning coaches! Just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you all so much for everything you've done for me throughout my pregnancy with Lawson.

((I'm a little sleep deprived, so I'll make this short and hopefully coherent))

I have no doubts in my mind that CrossFit kept us both healthy and happy throughout the entire nine months. I felt great during the entire pregnancy, and I loved being able to train less than 24 hours before having him. smile

Though I had to have a c-section, the nurses at the hospital were incredibly impressed by my fitness and muscular strength. While giving administering anesthesia in my back, the doctors had a difficult time getting through my back muscles. lol. When getting Lawson out, my OBGYN struggled working through my abdominal muscles... While in the hospital, the nurses were impressed with how easily (and quickly) I could move around after having him. Given, I won't be doing any toes to bar anytime soon, but I was up and about sooner than they had anticipated, and my doctor told the nursing staff that I was a CrossFitter, so I was "not like a regular patient." Haha.

What I most what to thank you guys for, however, is for allowing me to join the awesome community that is CrossFit Blacksburg. When I had Maxton, we didn't really have many close friends around here... Our families weren't close either. We were pretty much on our own, and that's a scary reality for new parents to a newborn. This time around has been so much different. We've had slews of friends offer to help, visit, bring us food, and simply send us words of encouragement. I even had two CrossFitters stop by and see me before I'd even left recovery at the hospital! We've had an overwhelming amount of support from friends this time around, and it's been ... simply wonderful. We really are blessed and so incredibly thankful.

Love you guys!

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