Cassidy Jones
Cassidy Jones

Cassidy Jones


I came to CrossFit Blacksburg in early Spring 2010, and promptly fell in love with CrossFit's methodology and the community here at CrossFit Blacksburg. CFBB is more than a gym; it is a family of like-minded people who want to improve their health and fitness by training hard and having fun while doing so. I became a coach in the Summer of 2011 and help CFBB welcome newcomers to the gym. My belief is that everyone can benefit from CrossFit training methods and that CrossFit is truly accessible and enjoyable for anyone who comes through our doors.

As a former Division I collegiate shot put, discus, hammer, and weight thrower, I was no stranger to the gym. The problem was that I was burnt out by the monotony of the weight room and bored by working out alone. Through CrossFit I found a way to love working out again! Now, I look forward to challenging workouts that test my weaknesses, and thrive on the continued improvement I see in my own strength and fitness.

In my day to day live I wear a lot of hats - wife, mother, employee, CrossFit coach and High School coach - and CrossFit pushes me to be better, stronger, wiser and healthier in every capacity. I hope that my role at CFBB helps others see the same payoff in their own lives.

Certifications & Awards

  • Crossfit Level I Certified
  • National Federation of High Schools Certified Coach
  • Attended Olympic Weightlifting Seminar with Chris Wilkes