Our Staff

Our Staff

Carol Beliveau

I was first introduced to CrossFit in mid 2008, while my husband I were contemplating ‘joining a gym’ to improve our overall health. As it turned out, my friend and neighbor, Amy  was a Crossfit Level I Instructor and on a fateful Saturday night, we agreed to let Amy take us through a trial CrossFit style workout. We were immediately hooked.

Jesse Hilmandolar

My professional experiences include training individuals of widely varying levels of motivation, training age, and physical and mental preparedness.
I have helped soccer moms, grandmothers, and weekend warriors attain higher levels of health, fitness and/or performance.  I am here to help.  
Jesse can be reached for Private Training and Nutrition Consulting at jesse@crossfitblacksburg.com.

Amy Crawford

I started doing CrossFit at our local gym, with great success.  However, doing CrossFit at a typical gym doesn't always work so well, and I wanted to increase my knowledge of CrossFit methodology.  In 2008, I attended my first CrossFit certification, and came home with a ton of information, and the zeal to spread the word.  In October 2008, CrossFit Blacksburg was born.

Neil Crawford

I was an athlete in high school, not so much in college, then slowly started getting back in shape a few years later.  Mountain biking was my main source of exercise for years, supplemented by some weight work in the gym.  After our kids came along, it was harder to get out for long rides, and it was about then we found out about CrossFit.

Cassidy Jones

I came to CrossFit Blacksburg in early Spring 2010, and promptly fell in love with CrossFit's methodology and the community here at CrossFit Blacksburg. CFBB is more than a gym; it is a family of like-minded people who want to improve their health and fitness by training hard and having fun while doing so.

Jake Shreckhise

I grew up in rural Augusta County, VA, where I enjoyed hunting, fishing, playing sports and working for Dad’s nursery and landscaping business. My first CrossFit experience was in the spring of 2009, my senior year at Fort Defiance High School. As a football, basketball, and track and field athlete, weight lifting and cardio-respiratory conditioning was always on the agenda.  

Andy Wood

I started with CrossFit Blacksburg in September 2011, shortly after moving my family to Blacksburg.


Daron Williams

I grew up competing in cross country and soccer in my homeland of Tennessee, but as time went on, my “grown-up” responsibilities expanded, as did my waistline. I’ve always loved a good challenge, so I was instantly intrigued when I first heard about CrossFit. 

Robert Hawkins

"Sometimes the best things in life are the ones that you don’t see coming."
For me, the journey to CrossFit began with skepticism. I made a dedication to better personal fitness following knee surgery in 2010. Up to that point I was active, and what I believed to be fit at the time. I had completed both military and law enforcement fitness training and had worked to maintain it while juggling an adult life. 

Laurel Marburg

I came to CrossFit Blacksburg as a marathon runner who was aspiring to tackle an ULTRA in 2012.

Jacob Seymour

When I moved to Blacksburg to attend school at Tech, I didn’t know anybody. However, I knew who I wanted to know: like-minded, health-centric, wanting-to-be-better people. I decided a CrossFit gym would be a great place to start.